( I’m so sorry i haven’t done these before now! For some weird reason tumblr didn’t show me that i had got new messages, but then i looked the other day, you know, to browse through old messages, and saw all these new ones!! Heh! [you are free to delete this part if you reblog, i just wanted to let you know that i wasn’t being a douche and ignoring you *A*] )

These were really fun to do ! I would love some more palette challenge requests, so don’t hold back! 

Figured out how to replace textures in SFM~ 
I made the sniper one for an animation im working on… 
And ehm… Medic.. I have no excuse for that. ⊙ 

Demo n’ Solly taking Merasmus´ magic books~
I imagine them trolling Merasmus alot together

Soldier’s a real creeper
- i like it! 

…Medic telling about his various fun experiments !

Ehe, Tried out SFM.
Also shamelessly selfpromoting of my youtube channel!

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